Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Clothing for the emotionally dispossessed

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Where do I start? I knew vaguely of Gabriela Marina Gonzales back in London a few years ago. I was aware that she was from Miami, had studied fashion design in the UK , and that we both had questionable taste in men during that period. I also knew that we were moon-lighting in competing bars in Shoreditch. None of that really meant much. It was not until recently that I saw some of her work and was became an immediate fan.

All pieces are hand-made.

All images above, fashion by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

The underlying themes of restraint and constraint prevail in AW10’s Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery. Deliberately designed to physically alter and distort the movements of the wearer, the proliferation of brown and cream leathers and rusty metal recall a traditional Victorian sensibility, with a definite nod to the gruesome practice of Victorian medicine, engineering and experiential sciences. Here are a few images that I had in the same folder - not sure why - but some of them are quite interesting

Skin-graft Clothing

unknown and Victorian anatomical drawing, Joseph Maclise

Iron Lung 1900's


Necromance, shop of curiousities, Hollywood


Photography by Jim Fiscus

Photography by Saga Sig

Monday, 20 December 2010

Hat Designer Justin Smith | euromaxx

I met Justin a few years ago back in London. He was not what I was expecting. He sports a gold tooth, a bristly DalĂ­-style mustache—both of which make him appear older than his 29 years—some serious tattoos and weighted tribal earrings that drag down his lobes. He trained as a hair-stylist, and was very successful in that business. Ask him where he gets his inspiration and he'll shrug and offer a rather ambiguous answer like..." I don't know, it comes from my brain somewhere".

I developed a momentary mild crush on him, or perhaps it was just indigestion, anyway he was charmingly eccentric, and completely down to earth in so much that he was very grateful for his hats to be featured in a small and fairly bad fashion magazine. He was just beginning to blow-up then, and had already been featured in a number of high profile magazines (V magazine, Vogue Italia, Wonderland to name a few), but was still relatively unknown . He creates collections of whimsical, often very outlandish creations, often based on hair styles.

Justin has with Manish Arora, creating the head-pieces for the AW 2010, and colloborated with Moschino to create a number of hats for the Moschino Ready To Wear collection for Spring 2010.

Moschino Ready to wear SS2010

Manish Arora A/W 2010

Wound magazine

On the subject of Millinery, if your interested here are some works of two other London based designers, Soren Bach and Piers Atkinson.