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I have had the pleasure of working with the collectively know Fauxtales twice. I am in two minds about posting this blog as part of me wants to keep them a relative secret. However they are already a staple on the LA fashion scene and deserve as much praise as possible for their creations, which are inspired by their animal muses, and are truly breath-taking. I spoke briefly with the pair about my own love of animals, both dead and alive, and a morbid fascination with taxidermy, despite the fact that I loath hunting and blood-sports in general, which leads me to a moral dilemma. Partly why I like Fauxtale so much, is that their beautiful collections are made from left-over treasures and remnants from the animal kingdom, that would otherwise be discarded, forgotten or ignored.

I first met Kate Thompson a couple of months ago. Kate is one half of Fauxtale. She casually wafts around her downtown studio, like a wayward maiden, in a transparent nightdress,with white billowy ruffled sleeves, bare-feet and a large glass of red wine in hand. She lives with what appears to be a large friendly wolf, and several other people and animals in a loft, which also houses all her creations in a small concealed studio. She is delightfully eccentric. I liked her instantly.

The second time I pulled accessories from Fauxtale, I briefly met the other half of the team, Toree Arntz, who I believe is a profession exotic animal trainer, and was sprawled across the concrete floor, wild curly hair escaping from pony-tail, busily dealing with the business side of the company, whilst enthusiastically answering my many questions. I gathered from the pair that they began designer for circus acts, which makes perfect sense, given the nomadic and often opulent designs that they are capable of creating.

Surrounded by boxes and boxes of feathers, taxidermy, mink skulls and fabrics, sitting on the floor are both Kate and Toree, against walls that are draped with dozens of beautifully detailed and colorful head-dresses, earrings, necklaces, and their newest Spring/Summer collection of clothes, laced with horse-hair. To my amazement they were able to make custom pieces then and there on the spot. Neither were fazed in the slightest about my requests and was enthusiastic about being involved, despite having to work into the night and juggle important meetings the next day...

A big Thank-you to Fauxtale. Look out for their new Spring/Summer clothes line

Images taken from a recent shoot I styled for Style-ology magazine, all head-dresses/pieces from Fauxtale.

Below are some inspirational images that I have kept on the subject.

Alexis Bittar store display

source unknown

Native American ceremonial head-dress

Guinea pig hair clip

unknown source

Hybrid taxidermy goat/fish/eagle

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