Sunday, 5 December 2010

Blog stuff.

So I am starting this blog reluctantly. Reluctantly not because I dislike the idea of a blog, but rather because I don’t think we really need publications of more self-indulgent nonsense, or that anyone should think I want to encourage people to take my views as anything other than merely one person’s vague opinions, on a subject which I may or may not have anything interesting to blog about. With that said, I feel like I need to try to justify creating another one of these things. I do not want to create a site which glorifies the shite that most fashion related blogs do...I do not think anyone should be inflicted with having to view images of myself pretending to have a spur of the moment photo shoot, in a mundane vintage coat and feather head-dress, buying vegan milk from Vons super-market, looking oh-so-uncontrived… "look at me, but I like totally don’t care if you are looking or not" . I avoid those things like the plague.

I really hope not for this to be considered as merely indulgent, (although perhaps that is unrealistic due to the nature of a blog?), but maybe it is possible for this to act as some sort of giant mood-board of bits and pieces that I collect. Perhaps it will remind me of why I entered fashion, and why it has become something that I loathe in equal measure.

That all sounds so wanky. Sorry.

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