Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Clothing for the emotionally dispossessed

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Where do I start? I knew vaguely of Gabriela Marina Gonzales back in London a few years ago. I was aware that she was from Miami, had studied fashion design in the UK , and that we both had questionable taste in men during that period. I also knew that we were moon-lighting in competing bars in Shoreditch. None of that really meant much. It was not until recently that I saw some of her work and was became an immediate fan.

All pieces are hand-made.

All images above, fashion by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

The underlying themes of restraint and constraint prevail in AW10’s Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery. Deliberately designed to physically alter and distort the movements of the wearer, the proliferation of brown and cream leathers and rusty metal recall a traditional Victorian sensibility, with a definite nod to the gruesome practice of Victorian medicine, engineering and experiential sciences. Here are a few images that I had in the same folder - not sure why - but some of them are quite interesting

Skin-graft Clothing

unknown and Victorian anatomical drawing, Joseph Maclise

Iron Lung 1900's


Necromance, shop of curiousities, Hollywood


Photography by Jim Fiscus

Photography by Saga Sig

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