Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Behind the scenes, Colours, innit

Behind the scenes at the long-awaited Colours shoot. This was a long, messy day, the team were exhausted and I drank at least 12 cups of coffee before lunch. The studio snake was a source of morbid curiousity. At the beginning of our shoot,he was living with 5 white mice. By the end, there were none left. I tried to smuggle the last survivor out but the snake woke up when I lifted the lid, and ate him before I got my hand in the aquarium. I felt mildly guilty about this. This kept model Maria distracted, whilst I stuck rhinestones all over her nipples.

Powder covered the studio, along with multitude of fabrics and colours and paint...the last images of two of the models in sheer fabric, covered with a coat of dust, were magical. I can't wait to see the finished product shot by Jasmin Kuhn.

working hard and playing with boobies!
the beautiful fledgling model Maria being gorgeous
Make-up artist extraordinaire Leibi with model Alli, who is a dream to work with, as were the whole team. We couldn't have got more enthusiastic, patient models for such a long, messy shoot
Adinette spent hours having powder thrown on her
model Shar having her lips re-done

the director Jasmin and Alli

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