Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Nipples and Bedlahs and Powder

Last night I spent an evening freezing my scantily-clad self outside in a make-shift studio, experimenting with various liquids and make-up, which generally led to some hilarious antics involving plastic trumpets, neon powder, paint, two lovel test models, and the very patient make-up artist, Leibi Carias (http://www.leibicarias.com/). This shoot, with photographer Jasmin Kuhn (http://www.jasminkuhn/) has been a long time coming and although I would love to put the shots up, Jasmin will rip my tits off if I do...the first shots are magical.

Thanks to the whole test team.



Me with trumpet creation

The styling was also a bit of an experiment, as I didn't want the garments to get totally ruined, which was a fantastic excuse for using non-absorbant materials and leaving little to the imagination.

Below are a few inspiration images. Sorry I have not re-scaled all of the images, I had an order from Dominos on the way.

Millie Brown - full video at http://www.showstudio.com/

Dazed and Confused Sept 2006

Kirsty Mitchell photography

On a similar note (sort of), anyone that knows me knows that I'm a big fan of nipples. In Europe we like to take our clothes of as much as possible, and the relaxed laws seem to encourage nudity. I have often been scolded for my lack of dignified dress, and willingness to expose flesh. Sadly not everyone shares this with me and since moving to America, I have been asked to curb this in my personal life and work. Not only must I dress appropriately on shoots in the US, but I also have to dress models appropriately. So I have found new and creative ways to leave as much skin exposed whilst keeping any pink bits vaguely obscured. Well this has lead to many trips down-town and my latest creations for this shoot involve sequins, baubles and hand-made Turkish style bedlahs...

Anyway, I opened the latest issue of Id a few days ago, and yet again came face to face with a double page spread of Lara's tits. I wanted to salute model Lara Stone for brazenly getting her bits and bobs out at any opportunity. This girl is naked more than I am, it's wonderful. Good for you Lara.

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